Beloved Happenings - 2021/22

In December, we held a reconciliation service using topics from the Advent Study book.

In November, we spent several weeks in an Advent Study of the above book.

At the end of October, we gathered for our first Pot Luck/Faith Sharing, and it was such an enjoyable event we plan to continue them most months

In September, Eileen was ordained a deacon in the Great Water Region of the Roman Catholic's Women Priest.  We are so very blessed to have her as a part of our community!

September will be our preparation for the Pride Parade.  Here are some of the things we have planned

Pride Vigil - September 11

The Catholic Church has not always been welcoming to our LGBTQ+ Brothers and Sisters. We aim to be the change we wish to see. Come join us as we hold vigil for our involvement in the Pride Parade, that our presence will bring love and acceptance to all that we encounter.

Communion will be available for all who wish it.

Pride Parade Panic Planning - September 25

Join us so that we don't actually have to panic about getting all the last minute things done! We have plans and we want you to be part of them! 

The Parade! - October 1

We marched, we had a booth, and we will have T-Shirts!  Thanks for joining us! Check out the pictures above!

Thank you for joining us on August 28th for the viewing of Fr. Martin's movie "Building a Bridge" (produced by Martin Scorcese) at the Savoy 16 theater!

"Named after the book by Father James Martin, Building a Bridge follows a priest on his journey to make the Catholic Church more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, despite loud opposition from both inside and outside the Church."

I Believe

In August, we examined the Creed and wrote our own personal creed to express where we were on our faith journey. Below are three of those creeds. 

I believe in the goodness of humanity All are created equal Regardless of gender, faith, sexual persuasion, color or abilities. I believe that our life is an opportunity to grow and develop within the gifts and abilities we are given. All beings on earth are a creation to be honored. Thou shall not kill does not only relate to human beings.

Ice Cream in Meadowbrook Park

Our First Mass as Beloved Inclusive Catholic Community

Beloved Easter Celebrations

Images from our Community Reconciliation Service

Welcome to the family of God Kaomi! 

Our first baptism at Beloved! 

Social Justice - Preparing gifts for those in need

Beloved is Community Led and Organized.  Join us at the organizational table!

Our New Church!