Beloved Inclusive Catholic Community

We are all Beloved

This is a community of Roman Catholic believers dedicated to full inclusion of all who come seeking to belong, to worship, to serve and be fed.  We are progressive in nature and strive to model a church that is void of the patriarchy and power dynamics that have contributed to scandal and abuse in the Roman Catholic Church. We remain firm in our baptismal rights that connect us to the larger Catholic community and strive to  move the church forward in supporting the equality, dignity and worth of all God’s children.  

Roman Catholic Women deacons, priests and bishops have answered the call of God and their communities through valid ordination in apostolic succession. We are providing a vibrant experience of community and sacraments where we live. We are not responsible for people leaving the Church, we are bringing people back to the faith. We heal those grievously wounded by physical, emotional and spiritual abuse and exclusion. We offer a model of church easily recognizable as Roman Catholic, but offering transparency of governance, the inclusion of those marginalized, and recognition of gender equality.

We call on Pope Francis and the Conferences of Bishops in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania to meet with us, the Roman Catholic Women Bishops serving across the world. Despite his call for dialogue, Pope Francis refuses to engage in authentic conversation with us. Francis can use his Petrine key to unlock that door.

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